Establishment of Trade Missions at Embassies of Tajikistan (English),

The Government of Tajikistan has ordered the establishment of trade missions in a number of foreign countries, including Germany and Russia.

This resolution of the government was implemented on October 31st of this year. Decisions on locations of Tajikistan’s trade missions have been confirmed already:
embassies in the Russian Federation, China, Germany, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will soon get additional staff members for this mission.

The Ministry of Finance has been instructed to provide financing for the additional work force in the trade missions at the expense of the republican budget.The new members of the embassies will get the status of diplomats.

The document further specifies that the trade representatives will be acting under the direct guidance of the Tajik Ambassador in a foreign country.

The rights and responsibilities of Tajikistan’s trade representative are determined by the provisions of the particular embassies of Tajikistan.

The representative of the Ministry shall be appointed and dismissed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in cooperation with the Presidential Administration.

The Republic of Tajikistan is paving the road for more international trade, specially by providing the political and structural enviromwnt for international investors.

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