Skiing in Tajikistan: “Safed Dara” opens the season

TajikistanToday.Org (English), The ski resort “Safed-Dara” opens this years season earlier than usual, and all because of already fabulous snow falls. The complex for skiing fans opened on November 24th.

A new 5 km long track, which was built this summer will open shortly, it is going to attract professional athletes the most, with altitudes of around 3000 m above sea level.

Getting to the complex for instance from Dushanbe is now facilitated compared to previous years : they asphalted 11 kilometers of the road leading to the ski resort and travel time has decreased significantly.

In the new season restaurants will offer national cuisine, such as “shakarab”, “kurutob”, “osh”, “sambusa” and a few more traditional dishes from Tajikistan.

In the “BBQ of Safed Dara”, guests can not only eat delicious food but also sing along and participate in karaoke events and recover at the fireplace.

A big New Year celebration program is scheduled, and prior to that some traditional children’s “Christmas” events will be held.

In addition, the resort is launching a special program for families during the winter school holidays.

The ski resort called “Safedorak” or “Safa Dara” began operating already in 1976. It is located 70 km from Dushanbe, in the village of Takob, in the Varzob district.

In the summer of 2015, Safed-Dara LLC took over the complex and is modernizing it since then:
construction of modern cable cars,
a hotel complex with an indoor pool, a gym, a spa , an indoor sports court, a children’s entertainment area, restaurants and dining rooms are a few of the new features . Also a movie theater, as well as a small and large conference rooms for seminars, shops and an exhibition zone are available for visitors.

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