Licensing and Business Permits in Tajikistan (English),

In order to facilitate dealing with bureaucracy , the government of Tajikistan introduced a while ago the Single State Electronic Registry” (e-Registry) for business licenses and permits.

It is the comprehensive source of information and materials on business licenses and permits required for carrying out certain types of business activities on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Here, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can access detailed information on relevant business licenses and permits, including requirements, costs, application forms and contact details for the relevant regulatory authority.
Activities subject to licensing are the ones for which it is required to get a license in accordance with the Law of the republic of Tajikistan “On licensing of certain types of activities” in order to carry that activity out on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Licensing – the process associated with granting licenses, drawing up documents which confirm the granted licenses, suspension and renewal of licenses, cancellation of licenses, and supervision by licensing bodies regarding the observance of appropriate licensing requirements and terms by licensees when they carry out activities required to be licensed.
Activities required to be licensed are those which can result in aggrieving the rights, legal interests, health of citizens, protection and safety of the state, the cultural inheritance of the people of Tajikistan and the regulation of which cannot be done by any other methods except licensing.

The main principles of licensing are the following:

– provide uniformity of economic range in the territory of the Republic Tajikistan
– establish a list of activities subject to licensing
– establish the uniform process of licensing in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan
– establish licensing requirements and terms
– transparency and publicity of licensing
– Monitor legality of the licensing process

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