Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization ,former Tajik Foreign Minister “Alimov” presents new Book (English),

The SCO headquarters in Beijing hosted a presentation of the new book by the Secretary-General Rashid Alimov “Shanghai Cooperation Organization: A Global Profile in International Relations”.
“The book reflects the dynamics of the development of the Organization over a short historical period,” said the SCO Secretary General, speaking before the guests. According to him, it represents a special value, since it was created following the “hot pursuit” of the most important events in the life of the SCO in the last two years, which have changed a lot not only in the Organization, but also in its perception in the world.

R.Alimov emphasized that in his book he tried to focus the reader’s attention on the eternal importance of joining the Organization for India and Pakistan as full members of the Shanghai G8: most important part of world geopolitics.

The contribution of the SCO brings tangible positive results in ensuring stability and security in the Eurasian region and in the world, in the fight against terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking and cross-border crime; in the development of trade and economic cooperation, in expanding the dialogue of cultures and civilizations, ”the SCO Secretary General said.

Rashid Alimov outlined the principles of the “Shanghai spirit” as a political and legal basis for the activities of the SCO, which is already firmly entrenched in the political and diplomatic lexicon and arouses growing interest in interaction with the SCO from states and international organizations.

At the same time, the SCO Secretary General assured those present that he tried to reveal the depth of these concepts and their promising significance in the book.

According to him, “the book is a kind of spiritual message from the generation that stood at the origins of the formation of the SCO, to the new – the younger generation, which will have to fully unleash the inexhaustible potential of the Organization”.

R.Alimov gratefully named the names of all the previous Secretary Generals of the Organization, expressed his appreciation to the Pleiad of great national coordinators,
In conclusion, R.Alimov emphasized that he would be happy if the new book on the SCO becomes a true friend for each of the participants of the meeting, helps to acquire new knowledge, expand the circle of SCO friends, for strengthening friendship and cooperation is one of the main tasks of the Organization’s member states.

Russian Ambassador to China A.I.Denisov, addressing the author and the representatives of the Youth League in the SCO Secretariat present, noted that “the published book sums up the outstanding activities of R.Alimov as the SCO Secretary General and is addressed to the future”.

The ambassador emphasized that “the SCO Secretary General took an active part in creating various formats of the SCO youth movement and thanks to them young people gained negotiating skills, reasoned advocacy of their position, search for compromise, public speaking skills and leadership skills. He expressed the hope that the youth would make a feasible contribution to the strengthening of regional stability and security, following the principles of the “Shanghai spirit”.

The Chairman of the SCO Youth League, Victoria Hu, on behalf of all members of the youth movement, thanked R. Alimov for his energetic assistance in creating and developing youth formats at the SCO platform, thanks to which young people get involved in the activities of the SCO.
The Chairman of the Youth League also assured that the principles of the “Shanghai spirit” are becoming close and are affirmed in a youth audience that brings together almost 800 million young people in the SCO space.

The book “The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: A Global Profile in International Relations” was published by the Worldwide Publishing House in December 2018. The monograph is a continuation of the book “The SCO: Formation, Development, Prospects”, published in May 2017.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday met with Rashid Alimov, the outgoing Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

During the three-year tenure of Alimov as the SCO secretary general, the organization has successfully expanded its membership, held the Qingdao summit and entered a higher stage of development, Wang said.

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