Tajikistan produces Tractors for Export

A newly established joint Venture of Tajik and Belarusian companies is now producing Tractors for the central Asian market. The targeted customers are farmers in all central Asian countries and the Middle East. In 2016 the presidents of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Belarus signed a decree about joint activities, especially in industrial and technological fields – one of the achievements was the joint Agro Tech Service Company which was quickly established.

In May 2018 President Rahmon and President Lukashenko attended the opening ceremony of the new tractor factory in the Tajik City of Gissar, shortly after the opening a second building for an additional production line was built and commissioned in September 2018. Up to now the company created 60 jobs and has the capacity to produce 1700 tractors per year.

The president of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon mentioned in several occasions that his country will try to attract more investments to be able to produce more industrial and agricultural goods in the country.
To support this goal, an investment forum is organized for end of March 2019 in the capital Dushanbe.

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