Tajikistan increased Electricity Export – will import 4 times more Natural Gas

Tajikistan’s Minister of Energy and Reserves announced that the country exported a total of 2.4 billion kilowatt-hours electricity last year.

Tajik minister Usman Ali Usmonzadeh stated that Uzbekistan and Afghanistan were Tajikistan’s largest electricity purchasers in 2018.

The total volume of electricity exports to Uzbekistan was 1.4 billion kilowatt hours and 926 million kilowatt-hours per day went to Afghanistan.

According to Tajik officials, the amount was up 1.9 percent in comparison with the same amount of electricity supplied in the same period last year.

Tajik government plans to increase the supply of Uzbek gas from 54 million cubic meters to 200 million cubic meters to provide 25 enterprises and workshops in 2019, acc. to central asian news agencies.

The first deputy head of Tajiktransgaz stressed that there are principal agreements on the supply of natural gas from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan.

It is planned to repair medium and low pressure pipes in order to provide gas to consumers in the future.

Soon Tajikistan could become one of the countries buying Uzbek natural gas in large quantities.

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