Flights between Republic of Tajikistan and Georgia


Authorities in Georgia announced a memorandum of understanding between both countries in order to establish direct flights between the capitals Dushanbe and Tiflis.

This agreement would boost the tourism in Tajikistan, since Georgia is becoming more and more a popular hub for tourists specially from middle eastern countries such as Iran or Persian Gulf countries.

Georgian cities like Batumi or Tiflis are experiencing a significant growth in the recent few years, specially the historical ties between the persian speaking countries and Georgia raised the interest of hundred thousands of tourists in the region.

The Republic of Tajikistan is putting in the same time a lot of effort to attract tourists from around the globe. The unique mountains, landscape and the safe environment are the base for a prosperous industry in the near future.

Tajik Airlines such as Somon Air provide today direct flights from european and asian capitals and the network is expanding continuously.

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