Tajikistan Investment Opportunities: Summit on April 20-2019 in Dushanbe

TajikistanToday.Org(English), the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Berlin announced the agenda for an investment forum that is scheduled for April 20th 2019 in Dushanbe.

“By the initiative of the Local Executive Body of the State Authority of Dushanbe city and in cooperation with the International Investment Consulting Company “Toj Sarmoya” in Dushanbe will be held an International Investment Forum Tajikistan-2019 entitled “Investment and entrepreneurship is modern economic process”.
The objectives of the Forum are as follows:
– Analysing the innovative entrepreneurship capacity for increasing country’s export potential and policy of import substitution in Tajikistan;
– Seeking opportunities for the development of modern entrepreneurship and start-ups, assessment of the existing resources;
– Study and exploration of new methods for attracting local and foreign investments in the national economy;
– Support of electronic commerce as a mean for access to global market;
– Elaboration and proposal of ways and methods for improving a state policy in the field of investments and entrepreneurship targeted at industrial and innovative development of the national economy;
– Propose ways for strengthening cooperation between national and foreign companies in the field of modern entrepreneurship.
The Forum will bring together guests, heads and representatives of international financial institutions, local and foreign investors, diplomatic and consular representatives of the countries accredited in the Republic of Tajikistan.
During the panel discussions business projects and project proposals that cover such areas as construction, tourism, international logistics, organization of a logistic centres, agricultural sector, development of innovative industries, strengthening cooperation with other countries, program of state support for entrepreneurship and investment will be presented.”

For more information contact the Tajik Embassy in Berlin:

Perleberger Str. 43
D-10559 Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 347930-0
Telefax: +49 30 347930-29

TajikistanToday.Org، on Facebook:


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