Press and Media in Tajikistan

The so called day of the press in Tajikistan is associated with the publication of the first newspaper, “Bukhara Sharif,” in Tajik in early 1912.

According to the statistics of the Tajik Ministry of Culture, around 600 Tajik newspapers and magazines are published today, 363 of which are state owned and 237 are private.

Among the most-read newspapers are Jumhuriyat (Republic, in Tajik, thrice weekly), Khalk ovozi (Voice of the People, in Uzbek, thrice weekly), Kurer Tadzhikistana (Tajikistan Courier, in Russian, weekly), Sadoi mardum(Voice of the People, in Tajik, thrice weekly), and Tojikiston (Tajikistan, in Tajik, thrice weekly)

Of the 10 news agencies, there are 9 private news agencies and one government agency.

There are also 10 television networks, 10 public radio channels, 6 local radio stations and 7 private radio channels in the country.

The most popular national TV channels are Tajikistan-TV,Safina,Bahoriston,Varzish,Futbol,Jahonnamo and Sinamo. There also several local Tv stations, covering mostly regional subjects.

Also hundreds of youtube channels, facebook and other new media agencies are actively publishing news, music and entertainment programs of all kind.

Not only the 9 Mio Tajiks living in the Republic of Tajikistan but also in other persian speaking countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and the persian speaking regions of Uzbekistan, or more than 120 Mio people are following the programs in the Tajik Media.

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