Tajikistan renews and secures border with Afghanistan

The Republic of Tajikistan is closing some mountain ranges & is building roads in part of its border areas with Afghanistan.

Tajikistan is in cooperation with China in the “Shamsuddin Shahin” region and intends to close the largest border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

The route, which Tajik authorities announced will in two years be more than 70 kilometers long ,is strategically important and will be protecting the 1,400-kilometer border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

China will help Tajikistan implementing the plan, as the increased presence of the terrorist groups in northern Afghanistan could threaten Central Asia’s security.

There are currently no paved roads in the area due to the presence of mountains and rocky hills, and the lack of roads has made it very difficult to monitor border areas. Drug traffickers and criminals in the area misused this situation.

China, is invested a lot in Tajikistan’s economy and has been cooperating with the tajik government over the past three years in the country’s border security.

Over the past three years, about 20 small and large border guard stations have been built in the area of Shamsuddin Shaheen to fight terrorism and drug trafficking.

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