Tajikistan and China continue talks on Comprehensive Partnership

TajikistanToday.org (English),
Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi agreed during a meeting last week to boost cooperation between the two countries in various fields and further align their development strategies.
President Rahmon said after meeting with Mr. Wang that it has always been the priority of Tajikistan’s diplomacy to develop relations with China, and that the two countries, as comprehensive strategic partners, have seen bilateral cooperation flourish in all kinds of fields in recent years.
Therefore, it is absolutely possible for Dushanbe and Beijing to strengthen joint efforts in the process of building a community of shared future for mankind, he added.
The president said Tajikistan is ready to further align its national development strategy by 2030 with the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, and to promote bilateral pragmatic cooperation in the economic and trade sector, agriculture, science and technology, humanities, infrastructure construction, among others.
While extending gratitude to China for assisting Tajikistan’s development, Rahmon said his country welcomes more investment from Chinese enterprises in the future.
He also expressed readiness for further joint work with China in international and regional affairs, in particular, in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism as well as transnational organized crime.
Echoing President Rahmon’s remarks, Wang said China and Tajikistan have formed a “four good” relationship — good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners, and therefore should be running at the forefront of building a community of shared future for mankind.
According to Mr. Wang, China will continue to firmly support Tajikistan’s domestic and foreign policies as well as its efforts to develop the economy and improve people’s livelihood.
The Chinese side, in support of Tajikistan’s development plans in the four major fields of energy, transportation, food and industrialization, is willing to fully integrate the national development strategies of the two countries and provide assistance for the modernization of Tajikistan, he said.
Wang also held talks with Tajikistan’s Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin the same day.
During the meeting, Foreign Minister Muhriddin hailed the results of China-Tajikistan cooperation in the economic and trade sector, agriculture, production capacity and infrastructure construction, adding that he looks forward to implementing more joint projects and enhancing mutual benefit.
Foreign Minister Muhriddin also expressed the hope of promoting exchanges between the two countries in areas like education and tourism and strengthening multilateral cooperation so as to safeguard regional security.

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