Port of Chabahar: Tajikistan’s access to International Waters through Iran

TajikistanToday.com(English), According to Iran’s Chamber of Commerce website, the Tajik Foreign Minister Aslov met during his visit in Tehran with Iran’s energy minister. According to Iranian Media Aslov mentioned that “Tajikistan’s transit and economic problems are largely due to lack of access to the sea, and that’s why we want to use the port of Chabahar to solve the problem.”

In this meeting, Iran’s energy minister Reza Ardakaniyan said the use of this capacity will lead to regional development and emphasized the readiness to provide access to Tajikistan:
“Iran is ready to give Tajikistan any assitance to boost (export) transportation through our country.”

Earlier, Tajik foreign minister had visited Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani and discussed the extension of security and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Rohand also called for the use of the advantages of the Chabahar port and further cooperation in the transit sector. Tajikistan’s Foreign Minister suggested that the experience of Iranian companies in providing technical engineering services to Tajikistan could be beneficial.

Rouhani mentioned that “Iran could be the safest and best transit route for Tajik goods.”

In this meeting, the Iranian President also expressed Iran’s concerns over terrorist groups that are moving from Iraq and Syria to the Caucasus and the Asian region, “Iran and Tajikistan can further expand their cooperation to fight terrorism.”

Abbas Akhundi, the former Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, had announced last that he had handed over the management and development of the Chabahar port to Indian officials:

Subsequently, as part of a 10-year contract, Iran and India agreed to export India’s goods and products to Afghanistan through Iran and the Port of Chabahar. India had promised to invest $ 500 million in this Iranian port, also known as “Shahid Beheshti Port”.

The Chabahar port is located in Sistan-Baluchistan province and allows Iran to access international waters through the Oman Sea.

This port has economic and commercial importance for the countries of Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan as well as Central Asia.

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